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Political Maps
Showing important political features, our Political Maps cover provinces, cities, states, countries, major highways and water bodies. They are designed to exhibit governmental boundaries effectively. Also, there are many different sizes and attractive colors of political maps. We keep up with various communication details, and ensure print and paper quality.
Physical Maps
Physical Maps are focused on the geography of areas. Here the primary purpose is to display mountains, deserts, plains, and other landforms. Greens, blues and browns are the typical colors. Topography style of the physical maps presents a whole better image of the terrain. The maps are always a helpful guide for students and tutors.
Tourist Maps
Tourist Maps are very helpful for travelers and tourists. They better highlight landmarks and other places to visit. The maps are used by tourists in new/foreign countries. They are designed to help people find different famous marks. These geographic maps express sightseeing landmarks, vacation spots, tourist attractions, and more. We keep up with well-designed maps, and assure the best quality at reasonable cost.
Laminated Globes
Our laminated globes are important for educational activities. These are appropriate for desk, study table, learning, and more. Designed from quality materials, the rotating globes are sturdy and long-lasting. With lightweight design and compact size, they are ideal for home and office use. They show a perfect mix of art, craft and communication details.
Alphabet Charts
Alphabet charts are essential for teaching kids. They help recognize individual letters, and alphabet sounds. These charts are the part of the learning activity. They display the 26 letters and their related images. Helpful for teachers and parents, they make teaching easy and fun. Also, the charts are perfect for any wall. The alphabet charts are attractive to toddlers, and other young children.
Nursery Rhymes Charts
Nursery rhyme charts help inspire kids to read and learn. Colorful and outstanding visibility features make them ideal for children. They are perfect for use in preschool classroom and home. Also, we keep up with updated versions, quality materials and reasonable prices. The charts show great communication detail and interested artwork.
Moral Story Charts
Moral Story Charts are designed to suit the needs of preschools and parents, regarding childhood education to kids. They help students to understand the story and improve imagination. With great communication detail and high quality pictures, the story charts are perfect for primary education. They show good quality artwork at a reasonable cost.
English Teaching Charts
Our English Teaching Charts are designed to engage schoolchildren, and create a better understanding. These are perfect for teachers as well as parents. They can be used in classroom and at home. Our English language charts feature great visual communication detail and high quality materials. They cover a variety of English topics like spelling, reading and analyzing texts, etc.
Botany Charts
Botany Charts offer an excellent way to learn diverse plant concepts. With impressive pictures and updated descriptions, these charts are a perfect learning material. Also, we keep up with various flora concepts, high quality materials and important communication details. They are complete to improve your classrooms, and have relevant information to support learning of students.
Zoology Chart
Our zoology charts are great educational products. With clear, concise content and impressive graphics, they help engage students and support their learning abilities. There are easy-to-understand creation and colorful, fine detail. Also, we keep up with a good variety, pricing and availability. Designed for durable use, our charts are informative and depict effective illustration.
Physics Charts
Our Physics Charts are designed to make learning of physics easy and fun. They are great for study, understanding and revision. They are helpful for teachers to elaborate knowledge in a simple way. These visual communication helps to engage students. With impressive graphics and detail, they create more involvement of students in study.
First Aid Charts
We offer a range of First Aid Charts that are ideal for displaying in different areas. These are clear and well illustrated charts, providing simple instructions for a variety of situations. They help people give the best appropriate first aid right away. The charts show the fundamentals of Resuscitation, CPR and other survival. They can be used in building sites, offices, gyms, and near electrical equipment, etc.
Yogasana Charts
Our Yogasana Charts perfectly exhibit various types of yoga asanas. They are ideal for beginners, help in maintaining physical and mental health. The charts are important for yoga practitioners, and also utilized in homes or yoga studios. They show a right mix of high quality materials, thorough craftsmanship and communication details. Here the pictures create easy understanding of the Yoga.
Nursing Charts
Nursing Charts effectively guide medical students regarding the basics of human body. They show relevant information that supports the clinical staff to deliver perfect care. With complete and accurate visual communication detail, the medical charts help make good decisions. They are must for anatomical labs, paramedical colleges and nursing homes.
Chemistry Charts
Mainly used in education, chemistry charts are a perfect study material. They show thorough, clear instructions, and help teachers to illustrate the content. The charts are helpful for showing chemical interactions and relationships. They are must for the classroom or studying at home. The colorful charts are available in various sizes and styles.
Human Physiology Charts
We offer Human Physiology Charts that contain detailed information with impressive graphic representation. They are engaging, easy to read and understand. With all required attributes, our charts are used in educational institutions, nursing homes, and other areas. Also, they are designed to be student friendly, long lasting and very economical.
Geographical Models & Apparatus
We have a wide line of Geographical Models & Apparatus, which is perfect for schools, science and geography labs. They are designed to be attractive, easy to understand and illuminating. Also, their compact structure and light weight make them ideal for any place. They exhibit some features of the real-world in a more simplified, familiar and observable manner.
Nursing Manikins
We have a broad range of Nursing Manikins, which is important for scientific, educational and teaching aids. They are perfect for understanding real-life patients and primary patient care training. The models are used in medical colleges, nursing institutes, schools, and other places. They are lightweight, long-lasting and detailed. Ideal for practicing basic patient treatment and care, the Manikins are easy-to-maintain.
Gynae Models
We offer a range of Gynae Models for effective medical simulations. These medical models are perfect for clinical skills education. They are made from superior materials for creating more realistic simulation. Effective in gynaecological tasks training, the models are helpful for medical students and professionals. They are easy-to-maintain and long-lasting in nature.
Human Anatomical Models
Human Anatomical Models are important educational tools. They help study as well as explain the external and internal structure of human body. Also, the models help realize different functions of the body systems. They are helpful for medical students, biology teachers, healthcare professionals, and health education. These human anatomy products are manufactured to exacting industry standards.
We offer various types of telescopes that are designed for better understanding of remote objects. They are innovative, simple and easy-to-maintain. Also, our telescopes are suited for both professionals and students. We keep up with a variety of types, sizes and specifications to suit the exacting need of users. And we have telescopes for experts as well as novices.
We have a large selection of microscopes, which is perfect for students as well as professionals. These optical instruments are effective when viewing very small objects. They are used to examine mineral samples, plant cells, and other allied. With the use of microscopes they can be seen better and correctly. We keep up with a perfect variety at a reasonable cost too.
Our binoculars present high quality image, and are effective in various lighting conditions. They feature a lightweight and ergonomic body design. Also, they are compact, cost effective and high quality. They support the user when viewing remote objects. The binoculars are utilized by researchers, wildlife enthusiasts, ornithologists, and students.
Biology Models
Our biology models are ideal for teaching as well as learning purposes. They are important for engaging students and active learning. They complete your science lab, and help in better understanding of the biological concepts. Creating good learning environment, our bio-science models are easy to understand, durable and cost-effective.
Medical Models
We offer life-like medical models for professionals as well as students. They assist in anatomical training, medical simulation and educational purposes. Also, we provide high-quality education models designed as per the exacting industry standards. They show a mix of communication detail, craftsmanship and creativity. Our medical models help instruct students and patients both on physical states.

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