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Political Maps

Providing information through pictures and colorful text, we are world renowned manufacturer, supplier and exporter of a wide array of Political Maps. These maps show various capital cities and important towns of a country. Besides, to enhance the viewers knowledge, these provide proper information about the political features of a country or state. Under this category, we have India Political, Asia Political, Africa Political, World political and various other informative political maps. Available in different colors, sizes and information types, these can be availed by the clients as per their preferences.


  • Easy to hang or paste
  • Clear, bright and colorful text
  • Quality information
  • Excellently drawn 
Physical Maps

Reckoned for its multicolored appearance, the offered Physical Maps are used for determining location of various places across the world. Extensively used  in various education institutes, government institutions and different offices, these are preferred for their superior finishing, long lasting nature and tear proof design. As a New Delhi based prominent manufacturer and exporter, we are engaged in offering wide assortment of standard quality Physical Maps. Both of the sides of these maps are laminated with thick polyester film to extend their durability. These are attached to plastic rollers at their bottom and at the top for convenient hanging purpose.


  • The utilization of multiple colors ensure convenient display of various locations
  • These are protected against water and moisture
  • These are thermally laminated
  • Cost effective
Tourist Maps

Supporting tourism in the country and abroad, we are customer focused manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Tourist Maps. Comprising proper information about various places, eating spots, transportation networks from one place to another etc. of a state or country, these Tourist Maps are easy understand and available in different languages. The designers of our firm ensure to provide the text in these maps in a bright and clear manner so as to make the product user-friendly. We carter bulk needs, if required by the clients and ensure their delivery within the promised time.


  • Highly informative
  • Easy to carry
  • Appropriate and no-fake information
  • Durable
State Maps Political

Making learning politics easy & enjoyable, we, as an outstanding manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the industry offer our esteemed clients informative Political State Maps. These maps contain all the relevant political details of a state and shows each of it in a colorful and readable manner. The information is provided to-the-point so that the viewer grabs quality information in just a glimpse. The colors used in our offered Political State Maps are light and pleasing which makes these reader-friendly.

Features of our State Maps Political :

  • Clear & useful description
  • Proper specification of cities and districts
  • Important places are displayed in images
  • Light in weight
State Maps Physical

The offered Physical State Maps are extensively used in schools, colleges, offices and in other institutions for indicating exact location of various states of India. The provided maps use multiple colors to point out the location of rivers, streets, mountains and cities. With having large clientele around the world, we have emerged as a successful manufacturer and exporter of standard quality Physical State Maps. Customers can obtain Uttarakhand Physical Map under this category. Available in different sizes, these are preferred for their better printing quality, low maintenance cost, utilization of attractive colors, accurate dimension, water repellent nature and tear proof design.


  • These are available in wall mounted design
  • Easy to maintain
  • These are convenient to read
  • Can be obtained at lowest price range
District Maps of India

We are a market leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of attractive & useful District Map Of India. These maps provide proper knowledge to the users on different drug stores, eating spots, entertainment areas and more present at a particular district. In our range, we offer Dantewada District Map, Durg Map and many more quality maps. The material used for manufacturing the offered maps is of premium quality and sourced from vendors who are authorized. Concentrating on every minute detailing, our experts make sure that each of the maps we dispatch are perfect in every manner.

Features of our District Map Of India:

  • Dust, spots and stain resistant
  • Smooth texture
  • High tear strength
  • Easy to fold or roll
Outline Maps

Taking efforts to make education fun, we offer our honorable clients a quality range of Outline Maps. As a trusted exporter, manufacturer and supplier of the industry, we ensure to spread the right information about a country or state. These maps are provided with the exact outline and are widely used in different schools & colleges during examinations. Providing proper geographical knowledge, these maps might be used to test the knowledge of a person on the states, rivers etc. of a country. Made of high quality paper, these maps are offered to the clients in a proper packaging.

Features of our Outline Maps:

  • Accurate outline
  • Durable & crisp paper
  • Bright and clear outline
  • Writable paper
Laminated Globes

Meeting the various market needs, we are a patron centric manufacturer, supplier and exporter engaged in offering eye-catching Laminated Globes. These globes are provided a similar shape of a world and are placed on a stand. The stand enables the globe to revolve and take a complete 360 degree turn. The products under this section, such as, Constellation Globe, Copenhagen Blue Political etc. provide proper information about the entire world. All the continents, countries, states etc. are covered by these globes. Clients can avail each product under this category at a affordable price range.

Features of our Laminated Globes:

  • Proper plastic lamination to prevent from dust, stains etc.
  • Sturdy & stable stand
  • Simple to understand & user-friendly
  • Sharp and clear text
Weather Maps of India

Our firm is a quality conscious manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Weather Maps Of India. These maps show temperature conditions, humidity rate, general climate variation and various other weather related information. Moreover, we have a separate map for each month of the year. The details provided by our Weather Maps are relevant, qualitative and briefly written. To make it easy of the users to understand the map, we keep the text & outline part dark and colors light. These are widely used in different weather offices, schools, colleges etc. for learning, researching and allied purposes.

Features of our Weather Maps Of India:

  • Precisely designed
  • Less space consuming
  • Easy to fix on walls, pin boards etc.
  • Light yellow color for the map and light blue for sea & ocean area
Small Geography Charts

We are a dependable manufacturer, supplier and exporter of excellently designed and printed Small Geography Charts. Highly informative & knowledge enhancing in nature, these charts include bright images and quality content on various geographical topics. Under this category, we have charts which provide information on Phases of the Moon, Water Cycle in Nature, Spring & Neap Tides and various other topics related to geography. The matter provided on these charts are printed after taking guidance from different websites, encyclopedias etc. We cover general geographical topics and also fulfill specific topic needs as per the clients specifications.

Features of our Small Geography Charts:

  • Good content length
  • Quality matter
  • Clear, colorful and bright images
  • Durable chart material
Struggle for Indian Freedom

Showing proper concern about the history of our country, we offer charts which clearly show the steps taken by the leaders involved in the Indian Freedom Struggle Charts. These charts include a perfect blend of patriotic images and quality information on Indian Freedom Struggle. The printed content is easy to understand and written in a simple, yet, patriotism arousing manner. These chars also show pictures of great leaders in color for making it easy for small children to recognize and grasp their looks. Besides, these charts act informative to both children and adults. Avail charts on Impact of British Rule, Social Reformers etc. under this category at market leading prices.

Features of our charts on Struggle For Indian Freedom:

  • True information
  • User-friendly content language
  • Bight and vibrantly printed
  • Highly portable
National Integration Charts

Being a education focused manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the industry, we offer charts on topics related to National Integration Charts. Under this category, we have charts on Unity for national development, Reconciliation of differences, National discipline and many other important subjects. Advanced printing machines are used to design & depict graphical art on these charts. The content provided on our chats are written by knowledgeable professionals or taken from renowned books. Widely used in different schools to spread wisdom, these charts can be purchased from our stores in different sizes, designs and colors as per preferences.

Features of our charts on National Integration:

  • Readable prints
  • Topic focused images
  • Attractive color printing
  • Superior quality chart material
Alphabet Charts

We are a well acknowledged exporter, manufacturer and supplier of attractive Alphabet Charts. Making the learning process fun for children, we design and print these charts in a creative manner. In order to make our charts more informative, we print simple to spell objects starting from the same alphabet shown on the chart. The size of the alphabets printed are relatively bigger than the images for making the charts reader-friendly and purpose solving. Clients can avail these charts in different languages as per their needs at prevailing market prices.

Features of our Alphabet Charts:

  • Clear and bold alphabets
  • Use of eye-catching colors
  • Appropriate images with the alphabets
  • High tear strength with stain resistance


Nursery Rhymes

Coming up with different attractive, enjoyable and knowledge enhancing products for kids, we have introduced in the market eye-catching Nursery Rhymes charts. Some of the most renowned and kids preferred rhymes are printed on these charts. For creating a will in the children to read the poems, we print cartoons and funny images on these charts which go along with the poem. The images printed are colorful, innovative and happy, which aid in providing the kids a good feeling whenever the poem is read. We have charts with different poems in varied colors, pictures and sizes for our esteemed clients.

Features of our Nursery Rhymes chart:

  • Poems printed with proper punctuations
  • Easy to read
  • Creative & colorful cartoon prints
  • Long lasting
Moral Story Charts

Be it the "Thirsty Crow" or "the Hare & the Tortoise", moral stories have always remained fascinating and educational to people of every age group. But for children, these stories can do magic and lead them correct in their upcoming life. We are a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Illustrative Moral Story Charts that connect people with these moral values. In these charts, the stories are demonstrated through colorful and clearly printed images and texts. Our Moral Story Charts are made from durable material to protect them from tearing and damaging.


  • Captivating Display of Moral Stories
  • Accurate Dimension for Hanging and Framing
  • Thick Lamination
  • Informative Depiction
Special Charts

Minds of children easily connect with images rather than texts. In schools and at homes, there should be illustrative study materials to enhance the learning ability of children. Considering this, our firm has come up with a wide array of Special Charts that includes pictorial representation of animals, parts of body, fruits, etc. Images in our charts are created in a simple manner to be easily recognized and remembered by children. As a trusted manufacturer and exporter, we guarantee the paper quality and durability of our Special Charts.


  • Basic Learning for children
  • Informative Display
  • No Color Fading
  • Made from Durable Material
English Teaching Charts

Make English learning a fun with the help of our informative and attractive English Teaching Charts. These charts display the basics of English through multicolor texts and associated images. For collective teaching, our offered charts are very useful due to their clear printing that can be easily visible from back of the class. We provide durable and thick paper charts to sustain as a quality focused manufacturer, exporter and supplier. Our English Learning Charts are properly laminated to offer a glossy appearance and protection from scratching.


  • Perfect Design
  • Crystal Clear Printing
  • Helpful in Easy & Quick Learning
  • Strong Paper
Botany Charts

Learning Botany was not so easy before. With our pictorial Botany Charts, one can easily understand and remember complex topics of Botany. In our charts, the illustrations about the structures of plants are minutely and accurately described to provide correct information. These charts are highly useful in educating student in schools and one can also place these charts in study room for personal studies. Our offered Botany Charts are so appealing that they capture the attention and motivate to study and learn.


  • Detailed Images of Plant structures
  • Plastic Rollers for Resisting Wind
  • Easy to Hang Design
  • Available in Various Sizes
Zoology Chart

We, N. C. Kansil & Sons, are a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of detailed and educational Zoology Chart. These charts are available on various topics including Animal Kingdom, Animal Cell Meiosis, Fertilization in Animals, Protozoa, and more. While designing these charts, we have tried to ease the intricacies of Zoology by connecting the parts of diagram with the accurate term. Each part of diagram is properly illustrated and described to provide complete information. We manufacture our Zoology Chart with high-quality paper and color to provide durability and strength.


  • Easy to Read, View and Understand
  • Clear and Informative Diagram
  • Latest Printing Techniques Used
  • Perfect Lamination
Physics Charts

Extensively used in educations institutions and research centers, the offered Physics Charts are used for explaining or defining different principles of physics that include motion, sound, wave motion, mechanism of machinery and telescope. These are also used for understanding of various propositions shared by eminent scientists like Archimedes and Pascal. These consist of printed images of different machinery, components and symbols that are instrumental in defining and simplifying complex physics theories. As a quality conscious manufacturer and exporter, we are engaged in offering premium quality Physics Charts. Utilization of multiple colors, water repellent finishing and long lasting nature are some of their unique features.


  • The utilization of images and symbols of these charts helps in proper understanding of difficult physics theories
  • Good printing quality and usage of multiple colors
  • These are preferred for their long lasting nature
  • Affordable price range
general Charts

These General Charts are widely used in various research laboratories and educational centers for defining structure of DNA, RNA and cell. These are also used to understand principle of ecosystem, theory related to origin of life, types of medicinal plants, origin and utilization of fossil fuels, gas cycles and so on. These charts consist of visually appealing images and important facts regarding those images. As a well known manufacturer and exporter, we are offering wide spectrum of General Charts. Usage of a umber of colors, good printing quality, availability in different sizes and length options, laminated surface and tear proof design are some unique features of these charts.


  • All the images and descriptions are mentioned in a well organized manner for the convenience of students and learners.
  • Better printing quality
  • The chars are protected against water and dust
  • Available in different specifications
Genetics & Evolution Charts

We have established ourselves as an innovative manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Genetics & Evolution Charts. In Genetics & Evolution, our charts cover various topics including Pedigree Analysis-3, Homologous Organs, Analogous Organs, etc. Learn these complex topics easily with the help of clearly defined diagrams and texts of our offered charts. Colorfully designed, our Genetics Charts offer an eye-soothing and joyful option for learning & understanding the difficult terms of science. These charts are easy to hang and have a longer life-span.


  • Printed on Durable Paper
  • Use of High-quality Color
  • Modern Technique Used for Precise Printing
  • Long Lasting
First Aid Charts

It is very important to provide knowledge of first aid to everyone. As a first aid skilled person can save someone's life by doing what is needed in a life emergency situation. We are a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of First Aid Charts that are widely demanded for their attention-getting appearance. To educate people, our charts are displayed in public places, hospitals, school, home, etc. Our attractive and properly illustrated First Aid Charts display the steps to be taken for haemorrhage, electric shock, snakes bites, and more.


  • Conspicuous Presence
  • Accurate Illustration
  • Durable and Resistant to wear and tear
  • Designed to be Hanged or Framed
Yogasana Charts

N. C. Kansil & Sons is a dependable manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Yogasana Charts. Yogasanas cannot be learned verbally, they can only be learned by minutely watching the different steps involved. For this, our charts skillfully exhibit the different steps and positions of Shankh Prakshalan, Surya Namaskar, Vajrasan, Ustrasan, and more. Pictures in our charts are aided by underwritten texts for providing clarity of thought on any topic. Our neatly printed Yogasana Charts are long lasting and made from best quality papers.


  • Crystal Clear Printing
  • Plastic Rollers for Wind Resistance
  • Informative & Neat Diagram
  • Use of superior-quality Color
Prevent Diseases

We are a well established manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Prevent Diseases Charts that depicts symptoms, causes, treatment and supportive care for various diseases. To properly educate people, these topics are informatively described in bullet forms along with related graphics. Printed on durable paper, these charts are long lasting and completely resistant to wear and tear. Our offered Prevent Diseases Charts are laminated on both the sides with a thick film of plastic to prevent them from tearing and scratching.


  • Detailed Images of Disease Prevention
  • Implementation of Latest Printing Techniques
  • Conspicuous Appearance
  • Designed for Easy Hanging
Food and Nutrition

Our firm is a dependable manufacturer, supplier and exporter of high knowledge enhancing Food And Nutrition charts. These are printed using advanced machines and high quality chart material. Our Food Nutrition Charts provide proper information on various vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, deficiency disorders, proteins etc. The content provided to for each of the topic is printed after a proper research. Moreover, the text part of the chart is given is dark and easy to read font. The pictures on these charts are catchy and depict the main idea of the provided content.

Features of our Food And Nutrition:

  • High resolution picture prints
  • Comfortable-to-read text
  • Easy to fold and carry
  • Stain resistant

Nursing Charts

We are a market preferred manufacturer, exporter and supplier of clearly printed Nursing Charts. These charts are highly informative and provide the right knowledge on different nursing related topics. The content provided is supported by images which makes it easy for the viewers to understand the subject. Under this category, we offer charts such as First Stage of labour, Shoulder Presentation, Brow Presentation and many more. Each of these are made using durable & high quality chart material under the supervision of experienced professionals. Clients can avail these charts from us in different sizes, topics, colors etc. as per their needs.

Features of our Nursing Charts:

  • Long lasting prints
  • Resistant to dust
  • Quality content on all the nursing topics
  • Easy to read & understand
Chemistry Charts

We hold a leading position in the market when it comes to Chemistry Charts. As a reliable exporter, manufacturer and supplier, we make sure that all the charts under this category are provided with the rightful information. Taking guidance from different chemistry experts, renowned books on chemistry etc. we work towards developing quality content for our offered charts. Besides, to make undertaken topic for the charts interesting for the readers, we take the help of attractive images which go along with the subject. The are available in the market at affordable prices for the clients.

Features of our Chemistry Charts:

  • Durable chart material
  • Quality information with eye-catching images
  • Properly designed
  • Dark and clear text font
Human Physiology Charts

We are a market preferred manufacturer, supplier and exporter of knowledge enhancing Human Physiology Charts. These charts provide proper detail on physiology of human beings in a understandable manner. The charts under this category are made on topics like Muscles, The Skeleton, Blood Circulation etc. and each of these are properly explained. To make it easy for the visualizer, these charts are provided with appropriate images which relate topic. We offer our array of Human Physiology Charts in different sizes, colors and topics at affordable rates.


  • Clear image prints
  • Readable text font
  • Highly informative
  • Easy to fix on walls, pin boards etc.
Chemistry Lab Display Charts
Featured with attractive graphics and images, these Chemistry Lab Display Charts are wonderful options to simplify complex theories of chemistry. Different colors have been used in these to indicate chemical formula, ph value of different chemicals and different techniques applied in chemistry laboratories. We take immense pride in introducing ourselves as a growth oriented manufacturer and exporter of standard quality Chemistry Lab Display Charts. Customers can obtain Mendeleeve's Periodic Chart under this category. Laminated surface design, water repellant nature, availability in different sizes, cost effectiveness and accurate dimension. We offer these in various configurations to meet the exact requirements of various institutes.

These use colorful graphics and images to define chemical theories
These are protected against moisture and water
These are available in wall mounted design
Easy to read
Healthcare Charts

Being a dominating manufacturer and exporter of the industry, we have introduced a range of Healthcare Charts that are highly informative. Under this category, we have charts on topics like Health Rules, Causes of Diseases, Prevention of Diseases and more. All these charts are properly printed under the supervision of our experts designers. Besides, the content developed for the charts are appropriate and to the point. Each topic is explained in a proper cause and effect way. We have these charts for the clients with attractive images and different colors.

Features of our Healthcare Charts:

  • Sharp images and text
  • Dust & stain proof chart material
  • Easy to fold & carry
  • Knowledge improving information
General Education
The provided General Education charts are used in schools and colleges for explaining articles of Indian constitution, information regarding United Nations and so on. Available in different configurations, these consist of printed images and facts. The information of these charts is available both in English and Hindi versions. Both the sides of these items are laminated with thick plastic films to avert water, moisture and scratch. We  would like to introduce ourselves as a quality conscious manufacturer and exporter of premium quality General Education charts. All these products have been developed to fulfill different teaching requirements of teachers engaged in imparting general knowledge to their students.

  • Both the sides of these items are laminated with thick plastic
  • These are available at competitive price range
  • Accurate dimension
  • Available in Hindi and English languages
Mathematics Primary Charts
The Mathematics Primary Charts are extensively used in primary schools for imparting knowledge on English numerical, for defining and simplifying the  concept of addition, to understand the ideas of subtraction, division and multiplication, The provided charts use colorful graphics and images that help to generate interest of children regarding mathematical concepts. These can be obtained both in Hindi and English versions. We are reckoned as a distinguished manufacturer and exporter of premium quality Mathematics Primary Charts. Laminated upper and back parts, water repellant design, tear proof formation, long lasting nature of used colors and utilization of vibrant colors are some of their special features.

  • Both sides of these charts are laminated
  • The graphical design of these charts is useful for comprehension of basic mathematical concepts
  • Colorful appearance
  • Cost effectiveness
Mathematics Upper Primary Charts

Our organization is a customer preferred manufacturer and exporter of Mathematics Upper Primary Charts. These charts cover various mathematical topics make learning maths simpler and interesting. Each topic is properly covered and explained in a brief and understandable manner. In our range, we have mathematical charts that cover topics such as Number System, Algebra-definitions and formulae, Addition of rational numbers and more. These can be used for learning purposes at home, tuition centers, schools and colleges.

Features of our Mathematics Upper Primary Charts:

  • Makes various math topics easy
  • Properly printed numbers
  • Excellent explained topics
  • Light colored background for good text appearance
Mathematics Kit Junior
We dedicate all our efforts to make mathematics easy for students by offering some of the best learning material. Mathematics Kit Junior is one such example of the learning material offered by us that is highly effective for beginners. In this section, we have products like Geometrical Figures, Tape for learning measurement, Abacus Wooden and more. All these products are made using highly durable material by some of the most experienced professionals of the industry. Our range of mathematics kit for juniors are highly affordable and easily available in the markets.

Features of our Mathematics Kit Junior:
  • Good designing work
  • Makes maths easy to grasp
  • Long lasting
  • Simple to understand
Mathematics Kit Senior

We possess the trust of numerous loyal clients when it comes to different study material for both seniors and juniors. The sincere efforts of our experts have helped us come up with quality Mathematics Kit Senior. We have products like Banking Dummy Cheque Book, Pythagorus Theorem Formula, Mensuration Chart etc. under this category. All these are prepared for enhancing the basic knowledge on various senior math topics in an an interesting manner. If required by the clients, we offer our range in bulk and ensure their safe and timely delivery at the preferred destination.

Features of our Mathematics Kit Senior:

  • Properly designed
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Properly explained
  • Instructive
Additional Items for Mathematics Laboratory
Clients can avail from our store various high quality Additional Items For Mathematics Laboratory. All these products are designed by our experts who possess vast mathematical knowledge. The prepared designs are accurately executed during the manufacturing process by our production experts using latest machines & instruments. Under this category, we offer Transparent Acrylic Figures, Hollow Cylinder (Transparent), Clinometer Compass and many more products. These products are made available to the clients at affordable prices to ensure their maximum satisfaction.

Features of our Additional Items For Mathematics Laboratory:
  • Dimensionally accurate
  • Finely finished
  • Highly portable
  • Light in weight
  • Durable in nature
Detailed Map Reading Charts

We are an outstanding manufacturer, supplier and exporter of different Detailed Map Reading Charts. Giving proper instruction on how to understand a map and find direction, these charts are very helpful and simple to understand. Making it simple for the travelers or voyagers to find a particular location, these charts provide with quality information which is written and printed in a descriptive manner. We have charts on Directions & How to find them, Conventional Signs, Hill features and various other under this category.

Features of our Detailed Map Reading Charts:

  • Clearly visible prints
  • Quality & detailed content
  • High quality chart material
  • Colored pictures
Physical Geography Charts

Our organization is a top listed manufacturer, exporter and supplier of quality Physical Geography Charts. The charts offered under this category include topics such as Rocks & Minerals, Heavenly Bodies, Solar System, Earth & Its Motions and more. All these are properly explained with the help of appropriate images and quality content. The description printed on these charts are using advanced printing machines and tools. Moreover, the chart material used by us have a smooth texture and are resistant to stains & dirt. We make these Charts on Physical Geography at market leading prices.

Features of our Physical Geography Charts:

  • Attractively displayed images
  • Use of vibrant colors
  • Sharp prints
  • Easy to fix
Practical Geography Charts

We have in our stores, properly designed and printed Practical Geography Charts. These charts cover various high level geography topics in a simple manner. To make these charts comfortable for beginners and viewers with no knowledge of geography, our experts use high resolution images with the content which go along with the topic. The colors used on these charts are long lasting and highly resistant to water. Surveying, Conventional Signs and Map Projection are some of the charts which can be availed by the clients under this category.

Features of our Practical Geography Charts:

  • Proper use of colors
  • Excellently printed text
  • Precision in all the geographical diagrams
  • Provided content is comfortable for beginners


Geographical Models & Apparatus
We hold a dominating position in the market when it comes to Geographical Models & Apparatus. As a quality focused manufacturer and exporter, we ensure enure to maintain superior standards for our products by using excellent grade inputs. The models prepared by us are easy to understand and provide knowledge on various geographical topics in a visual manner. Moreover, the Geographical Apparatus we offer such as Standard Time Indicator etc. are precisely designed and manufactured. We have models like The Solar System, Solar & Lunar Eclipses etc. which can be availed at affordable rates.

Features of our Geographical Models & Apparatus:
  • Dimensionally accurate
  • Attractive looking
  • Stable and durable
  • Compact designs
Life Sketch of Great Men

Our firm is a trustworthy manufacturer and exporter of charts on Life Sketch Of Great Men. These charts are prepared after a deep research on different political leaders and freedom fighters. Charts offered under this category are designed to improve the knowledge of kids and adults on some of the greatest men of the country. Carts on Mahatma Gandhi, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, Dr. Radhakrishnan etc. enlighten various brains in different colleges & schools and help readers know about some inspirational leaders. These charts include proper content along with the picture of the person described.

Features of our charts on Life Sketch Of Great Men:

  • Descriptive content
  • Colorful images of leaders
  • Precisely designed and printed
  • Easy to understand content language
Nursing Manikins

Our organization is one of the most preferred manufacturer and supplier of different Nursing Manikins. These manikins are given almost the same looks as of a real person for several nurse training purposes. We have products like Advanced Adult CPR Training Manikin, Wound Care Manikin (Male), Advanced Nursing Baby Manikin etc. under this category. Used in various medical institutes and colleges, these manikins are highly useful for nursing studies. Clients can avail these real looking Nursing Manikins from us in both bulk and small numbers at industry leading rates.


  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Light in weight
  • Simple cleaning
  • Long lasting
Gynae Models

Solving various medical teaching purposes, we have introduced quality Gynae Models for our esteemed clients. Designed to support the gynecological studies, the manufacturing process of these models is supervised by experienced & qualified professionals. Under this category, we have Ovary Model, The Model of Newborn Intubation, Contraception Guidance Model and many more. Each of these offered by us are informative, visually correct, durable and are widely used for learning purposes. These are easily available in the market at industry leading prices for the clients.

Features of our Gynae Models:

  • Precise designs
  • Portable & light in weight
  • Durable in nature
  • Excellent shaping of each body part
Human Anatomical Models

Our firm hold a leading stand in the market when it comes to Human Anatomical Models. From preparing designs to executing them, precision is maintained by the experts so as to provide the clients with the right Human Anatomical Model. Used in different research centers, schools, colleges, clinics, biological labs etc. these models support in making the viewers understand visually of what is read on books about the human body. Made using high quality inputs and advanced instruments, these models are durable and dimensionally accurate.

Features of our Human Anatomical Models:

  • Accurately shaped body parts
  • Easy to carry
  • Low weight
  • Perfectly finished

Over the years, we have gained expertise in manufacturing some of the most durable, easy to use and effective Celestron telescopes. These are designed to get a closer and clear look of the far away objects. Under this category, we offer products like Reflector Telescope, Astrolon Handheld Telescope With Aluminium Tripod, Celestron telescopes and many more. The design of these telescopes is compact and their viewing range is high. The place to keep the eye is comfortable and the telescopes are installed with high grade lenses.


  • Crystal clear view
  • Compact & durable design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustable focal length
  • Easy zoom in & zoom out facility

We are a dependable manufacturer, supplier and exporter of advanced and compact Binoculars. These are designed by the experts to get a proper view of distinct objects in a clear manner. The products has provisions to view with both the eyes in a comfortable way and adjust the focal length as per needs. The outer body material and lenses used for these products is of superior quality. The quality lenses make it easy for the users to use the binoculars without damaging their eyes.


  • Light in weight
  • High portability
  • Strong & precisely shaped body
  • Provides a clear view
  • Fog resistant lenses
Micro scope

Widely used in educational institutes and research laboratories, the offered Microscope is preferred for its long lasting nature and easy handling technique. It consists of rotatable head, specially developed eyepiece, nose piece with in built ball bearing and halogen lamp with adjustable brightness level. As a growth oriented manufacturer and exporter, we are engaged in offering standard quality Microscope that can be obtained at affordable price range. Easy to maintain, the offered item is appreciated for its unique magnification level, portable structure, metal fabricated body, long functional life, dimensional accuracy, rust proof finishing, unique focus level, application specific design and cost effectiveness.


  • The entire structure of this item is made of stainless steel
  • It is easy to handle and maintain
  • It uses LED light for clear viewing of samples
  • Affordable price range
Overhead Projector
We have a well reputed position in the market as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Overhead Projectors. The offered products come with single or double halogen lamps that produce bright light for clear projection. Designed to generate high-utility, our products have strong metal but light weight body for easy moving and placement. These projectors have a motorized cooling system to minimize temperature generated during the operation. Our Overhead Projector is installed with intensity controller that helps in magnifying the projected images.

  • Easy to Operate Design
  • Crystal Clear Projection
  • Consumes Very Less Power
  • Advanced Focusing System
Pharmacy Teaching
Fulfilling the teaching material needs of clients, N. C. Kansil & Sons is a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Pharmacy Teaching Charts. These charts provide useful information about Amla, Ashwagandha, Ginger, etc., with the help of engaging pictures and informative texts. Our products are printed with the help of latest techniques to get easy to read fonts and enhanced colors. We provide two plastic roll on the top and bottom of our Pharmacy Teaching Charts to enable easy hanging and stability.

  • Plastic Film Coated Surface for Protection
  • Clear and Colorful Fonts
  • Durable Quality
  • Educational Display Material
Biology Models

We are a distinguished manufacturer supplier and exporter of an engaging array of Biology Models. This range includes attractive and self-explanatory models of Plant Cell, T.S. Monocot Leaf, Fertilization & Angiosperms, etc. These models are created on MDF boards by using fiber glass to make them engaging and minutely detailed. Structures of these models are carefully developed to provide accurate information about the demonstrated topic. Biology Models that we provide are durable and strong enough to bear the applied pressure during handling and transportation.


  • Perfectly Designed
  • Have Minute Details
  • Educational & Engaging
  • Useful in Laboratory, Exhibitions, etc.
Military Science

Owing to our innovative approaches, we have earned an unmatched position as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Military Science Chart. These charts provide a pictorial representation of military details on Field Signals, What is Fieldcraft, How to Hold the Arms, etc. Proper care is taken while developing these military charts to provide the exact information. All the military postures and code of conduct are displayed clearly and defined elaborately for easy understanding. Our offered Military Science Chart have a durable body and easy to hang structure.


  • Informative Display
  • Crystal Clear Printing
  • Perfect Lamination
  • Printed on Durable Paper
Display Systems
We, N. C. Kansil & Sons, are an eminent manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Digital Display Systems. Products in this category includes Laminated Black or Green Boards, Notice Board, Door Plate, and more. These have smooth surface for the effective display of written texts, graphs or images. Their tough body with metal frame ensures long life and protection from breakage and cracking. Our innovative Digital Display Systems help in proper utilization of the writing material and allow minimal material wastage during writing.

  • Latest Design for High-utility
  • Neat & Nice Appearance
  • High Visual Impact
  • Industry Standard Design

Roll Up Black Graphs

N. C. Kansil & Sons has reached an unparalleled level of success as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Roll Up Black Graphs. Owing to high-utility design, these graphs are easy to roll, use and carry. Graphical scale of the offered products are bright and bold to promote clear visibility. Smooth surface of our Roll Up Black Graphs allows chalk to write very effectively. High grade materials are used in the making of these charts to offer them longer life and strength.


  • Available in Various Sizes
  • Clear Visibility & Writing
  • Useful Rolling Mechanism
  • Highly Educational Display Aid
Medical Models
Developed by using standard quality PVC material, the provided Medical Models are extensively used in medical institutes, hospital and clinics to define structure and location of human organs. Utilization of non toxic materials, seamless finishing, light weight nature,  flexible design, high durability, low maintenance cost and long functional life are some of the special features of these models. Supported by a team of well trained professionals, we have emerged as a successful  manufacturer and exporter of standard quality Medical Models. Customers can avail Advanced Trauma Simulator under this category.  We offer these in tailor made configurations to meet various teaching needs of our customers.

  • These are made of finest grade PVC
  • These are reckoned for their bio degradable quality
  • Easy to maintain
  • Water repellent design
Community Health Nursing Models

As a growth oriented manufacturer and exporter of New Deli, we are engaged in offering wide spectrum of carefully designed Community Health Nursing Models. Customers can avail models of Sanitary Well and Insanitary Well under this category. Available in multiple color combinations, these PVC made models are preferred for their elegant appearance, small shape, accurate dimension, light weight nature, zero maintenance cost and durable quality. These are used to indicate the exact shape of well, latrine and bio gas plant to name a few. We develop and design these models as per different requirements of customers. We offer these Community Health Nursing Models at affordable price range.


  • The PVC content of these models has made these environment friendly items
  • These take less space for their installation
  • Small shape
  • Available in various specifications

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